Looking for a quick, hassle-free sale of home

When I initially contacted a cash home buyer in Jacksonville, Florida, I was in a difficult financial situation.

  • It was a very challenging stage of life.

I had recently gone through an extremely messy divorce that left me with considerable debt. Shortly after that, I was involved in a car accident. Although the fault belonged to the other driver, he had no auto insurance. He was driving with a suspended license and under the influence. Along with a great deal of medical bills, I missed a lot of work. I was struggling to get back on the right track. I had been looking for a way to resolve the issues with my budget. When I saw an advertisement for a local, family-owned cash property buyer, I was skeptical. The promises sounded too good to be true. However, it was an option I hadn’t considered before. Realizing I needed major, expensive repairs on my house, I decided to fill out the contact form. There was no way I could afford to make upgrades to the plumbing, electrical, HVAC or roof. I doubted the property would pass inspection or allow a potential buyer to secure a loan. I didn’t even have the money to improve curb appeal or paint. I did some research, read reviews and checked with the Better Business Bureau. Everything I found was wonderfully positive and reassuring. The cash home buyer had built a solid reputation through nearly a thousand successful purchases. The homeowners they worked with were totally happy with the process and outcome. I was still expecting problems because I didn’t believe the company would truly purchase a property “as is.” Filling out the contact form took a couple of minutes, and there was no obligation. As promised, there were no realtor fees, inspections or requirements. I was even able to choose the date of the closing.

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