Selling a rental property

When I decided to downsize my assets and not renew the lease with my tenants, I considered different options for selling my rental property.

I wanted to avoid making expensive repairs and renovations.

I knew the rental property was due for a new roof, water heater and HVAC system. I was suspicious the electrical panel would fail to meet code. Arranging a home inspection was certain to prove time-consuming and lead to major investment. I was also not willing to pay expensive realtor fees or deal with listings and showings. I was initially skeptical about going with a cash home buyer, but submitting the online form required no obligation. It was quick and easy to get an offer. I then had the option to turn it down and walk away without paying any fees. I had no experience with a cash home buyer and was expecting an especially low offer for my property. While I was eager to sell quickly, I also was determined to get a fair price. Taking into consideration the savings on lots of fees, paperwork, delays and risk, I was pleasantly surprised by the offer I received. I was also amazed to get the offer in under twenty-four hours. The entire process was positive from start to finish, and I would definitely recommend a cash sale. I chose a Jacksonville, Florida, company with a proven reputation for reliability and integrity. I went with a business that has plenty of experience. Their resources, insight and connection to a large number of preferred partners made for quick and hassle-free turnaround on the sale. I appreciated the ability to contact the office staff with questions. I always received a prompt and concise response.

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