I wanted to get rid of my rental fast

My wifey at the time was absolutely big into rental properties.

She read The Millionaire Next Door as well as all sorts of investing books.

She was always on me to get into rental properties with him. I thought it would make us closer. I believed him when she said it would make us rich. Well I hastily realized owning a rental is horrible. I don’t care about taking calls from leaseholders as well as making repairs. I also spent so much money to get the rental as well as I get nothing out of it. My wifey as well as I broke up as well as I was done pretending to be an investor. It just isn’t for me. I wanted money to make renovations to my own home, not another property. Now I am looking at selling the place. I tried listing with a real estate agent as well as then changed my mind. I wasn’t willing to renovate the rental. I also didn’t want to show it off, phase it, or deal with closing costs. A real estate agent has fees as well. What do they absolutely do too? I figured it was better to contact a Jacksonville rental home buyer that does money offers. The Florida money apartment buyer was amazing to labor with. The girl sat me down, gave me a price, as well as my buddy and I signed the paperwork. I never needed to lift a hammer or a paint brush. I Was able to get out so fast as well as have money in hand. I feel I made money doing it quicker as well as more efficiently. I was able to put an addition on my apartment as well and now I don’t deal with leaseholders. I consider it a win.
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